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Vesconite Hilube Rods and Tubes

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Vesconite Hilube is a highly advanced thermopolymer in the Vesconite range, particularly suited to operating in wet conditions, including pump and marine applications. Combining low friction and low wear properties, Vesconite Hilube performs exceptionally well under high loads in difficult operating environments.

Vesconite Hilube is our flagship thermopolymer, designed for particularly difficult operating environments. Hilube is specifically recommended for moist and underwater applications. These include the pump and marine industry, where regular maintenance is not practically feasible or cost-effective. Displaying superior wear life, especially in poorly lubricated and dirty conditions, Vesconite Hilube has been shown to offer up to ten times the life of bronze bushings.
Vesconite Hilube incorporates an internal lubricant that translates into an exceptionally low friction coefficient. Combined with excellent dimensional stability, low wear rates and a high load-bearing capacity. Hilube has a PV rating (pressure x velocity) four times that of nylon bushings.
Vesconite is available in a wide range of rods, bushings, plates, and machined custom parts.

Main advantages:
No water swell
Fully saturated, Vesconite Hilube has a negligible moisture absorption rate (0.5%). Its linear swell rate of 0.07% allows for fine clearances in the majority of applications.
Superior performance
Vesconite Hilube overcomes the limitations of conventional bearing materials.  Its load-bearing capacity is higher than white metal, its wear life in poorly lubricated or dirty conditions more than ten-fold that of bronze. Its self- lubricating properties are far superior to nylon.
Extended wear life
Vesconite grew out of an identified industry need to reduce maintenance and downtime across a multitude of applications.

Low friction
Vesconite Hilube’s friction coefficient (0.10) is approximately half that of bronze and nylon. This allows for a higher PV factor (load x speed). Adding external lubrication or water to the equation will lower friction even further, and the resultant PV factor.
High load-bearing
Vesconite Hilube has a much higher load capacity compared to nylon, rubber and elastomer bearings. Unlike nylon, Vesconite Hilube maintains its strength under wet conditions and shows very little creep under heavy load.
Temperature limits
Vesconite Hilube may be used continuously at 100ºC in dry applications, and for short periods at higher temperatures. Load limits should be reduced by half when operating above 80ºC.      

Shaft friendly
The wear of metal pins and shafts is reduced by as much as 90% when Vesconite Hilube bushings are used. An extremely valuable benefit in terms of cost-saving and maintenance downtime.

Chemical resistance
Vesconite Hilube is resistant to dilute and moderate acids, organic solvents, oils and petroleum. It has limited resistance to strong acids and alkalis.

Vesco Rods and Tubes
Machine your own bearings using Vesconite rods and tubes as base-material. Use our guidelines for machining.
Below lengths are available from stock:
- 250 mm (tolerance -/+5 mm)
- 500 mm (tolerance -/+ 5 mm)
- 1000 mm (tolerance -/+ 10 mm)

Download specificatie en montage instructie (PDF) Vesconite Factory Video

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